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My Patriot Supply Ration Bars

My Patriot Supply Ration Bars

My Patriot Supply Ration Bars are a great way to ensure you have enough food in the event of any emergency. The bars have a shelf life of 5 years and provide an ideal mix of carbohydrates, fats, and protein and contain no allergens. They are carefully crafted using only the finest ingredients, giving you a product you can trust.

Whether you are prepping for natural disasters, power outages, or just stocking a pantry, Patriot Ration Bars are a great choice. Let's take a closer look.

Overview of Patriot Supply Ration Bars

Patriot Supply Ration Bars provide long-lasting energy for the whole family, offering the perfect balance of macronutrients in a convenient meal-replacement bar. Patriot Supply Ration Bars not only contain up to 12g of protein but also feature a complete array of essential vitamins and minerals.

Whether you’re heading out on a day hike or to work, these bar can be your dependable go-to source for reliable energy.

  • A single bar contains 31g of carbs, 6g dietary fiber, 12g protein and just five grams of sugar — all providing energy for busy days.
  • Each tasty morsel also contains 10% daily calcium and 13% Iron with no artificial flavors or colors hidden inside.

If you’re looking for quick yet nutritious meal on the go, Patriot Supply Ration Bars are the perfect fit.

Nutritional Benefits

My Patriot Supply's ration bars are designed to help provide you with the vital nutrients you need in a quickly digestible and easy-to-eat form. These bars are rich in a number of nutrients and minerals, offering a great balance of energy and nutrition, and are perfect for an emergency snack or meal.

Let's take a look at the nutritional benefits these bars have to offer:

High Protein Content

My Patriot Supply’s Ration Bars are nutritious meal replacements that provide essential nutrients and great taste to the user. Their delicious, bite-sized bars contain a high protein content to help satisfy hunger and keep you energized. Each bar provides 12 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, 7 vitamins, 5 minerals and 20 amino acids to fuel your day with quality nutrition. On top of that, these hearty bars are fortified with probiotics for healthy digestion.

Many dieters have found success with My Patriot Supply Ration Bars due to their high protein content as well potential benefits including increased alertness and stamina, improved cognitive function and enhanced immunity. These low calorie bars can help suppress hunger while providing a steady stream of energy throughout the day. Additionally, each bar is non-GMO verified and gluten free making them an ideal go-to snack for people looking to kick start or maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Low Carbohydrates

My Patriot Supply Ration Bars contain 10 grams of carbohydrates or less per serving, making them a great choice for people who need to monitor their carbohydrate intake.

The main ingredients in our ration bars are:

  • Soy Protein Isolate
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Natural Apple Flavor With Other Natural Flavorings
  • Vegetable Glycerine
  • Soy Isolate Fiber

These low carbohydrate bars provide a great alternative to high-calorie sweet snacks. Since they are low in carbohydrates but still contain a complete array of vitamins and minerals that the body needs daily, they serve as an ideal snack choice for people on a weight-loss diet. Additionally, their simple and natural composition makes them much healthier than other sweet snacks that are full of sugar and artificial chemicals.

The most recent version of our ration bars also contains a significant amount of protein at sixteen grams per serving. This makes them an even better choice for those looking to energize before or after workouts or just craving something filling and delicious to get them through the day. The addition of BCAA’s also give this product energy boosting capabilities throughout the day or during exercising endeavors in addition to helping your body build muscle efficiently and aiding with recovery time from workouts!

Low Sugar

My Patriot Supply ration bars are designed to give you the nutritional sustenance to get through a variety of challenges. Each bar contains 10g of premium protein, 24 essential vitamins and minerals, and is low in sugar.

It serves as an excellent source of energy for those long days and late nights when an energy boost is needed.

To ensure maximum nutrition, My Patriot Supply bars offer none high-fructose corn syrup, low sodium levels and are free from artificial colors, preservatives, etc.

Low in sugar but not in taste, these bars come in enticing flavors like sweet banana peanut butter and salty caramel fudge – both containing only 1 gram of sugar per bar! Not even a teaspoon.

My Patriot Supply ration bars also contain good fatty acids such as Omega-3 for immune system support and heart health; healthy trans fats like conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) shown to reduce body fat; as well as dietary fiber to aid digestion while curbing hunger cravings. Furthermore, they contain whey proteins which provide plenty of branches chain amino acids that your body desperately needs when stress levels or physical performance put great demand on your system.


My Patriot Supply Ration Bars are a nutritious and delicious meal replacement bar. They are made with a blend of real, wholesome ingredients to give you the perfect combination of energy and nutrition. The ingredients include protein, carbohydrates, and dietary fiber, as well as a mix of vitamins and minerals to give your body the sustenance it needs.

Let's take a closer look at some of the key ingredients that make up My Patriot Supply Ration Bars:

Whole Grain Oats

One of the key ingredients in My Patriot Supply Ration Bars is whole grain oats. Oats are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fiber that can help with digestion. They also provide important compounds such as avenanthramides, which help reduce blood pressure, and beta-glucan, a type of soluble fiber that helps to lower cholesterol levels.

Whole grain oats contain a complete array of essential vitamins and minerals including iron, magnesium and zinc. They also provide a source of complex carbohydrates which can provide energy. Oats are low on the glycemic index scale and can even improve sensitivity to insulin as a result of eating them in combination with other healthy foods.

Whole grain oats are a great addition to any diet because they provide numerous health benefits while still being tasty!

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are a key ingredient of Ration Bars. Rich in healthy fats, minerals and vitamins, these nuts have the highest amount of vitamin E compared to any other seed or nut. Sunflower seeds are an important source of vitamin B-1 (thiamine), which can help protect brain cells from damage and support healthy nerve function. These seeds are a good source of magnesium as well, providing approximately 25 percent of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). Magnesium plays an important role in energy production, muscle relaxation, stress reduction and regulating blood pressure.

It’s also high in fiber and protein; two tablespoons provide about three grams each! Sunflower seeds may also keep blood sugar levels stable because they provide a slow release of digestible carbohydrates throughout the day. All of this makes sunflower seeds an ideal snack for those looking for sustained energy levels over a longer period of time without increasing their calorie intake too much!


Raisins are a dried fruit made by drying grapes, either in the sun or in driers. It destroys the freshness and firmness of the fruit but helps other processes to enhance its flavor. Grapes are transformed into two types of raisins: one is smaller and softer known as sultanas; and one is larger, bleached, seedless, richer and with a higher sugar content that is referred to as currants.

Raisins offer several nutrients including carbohydrates, dietary fiber and some minerals like iron, potassium and calcium which are needed for healthy bones. They can also add sweetness without additional sugar. Nature has found a way to provide us with a satisfying snack in the form of raisins!

My Patriot Supply’s Ration Bars contain carefully selected organic raisins that are picked at the peak of ripeness for sweetness. The careful process ensures these delicious snacks remain nutrient-dense without leaving out any flavor. In addition to adding flavor, raisins also help bind together oats ingredients in these Ration Bars making them an essential ingredient that creates an enjoyable plus nutritious experience overall.


Almonds add a rich, nutty taste and crunchy texture to meals. They are an excellent source of protein and dietary fiber, helping to keep the body full for longer. Almonds contain healthy fats including monounsaturated fatty acids, and are also a source of calcium, manganese and other essential minerals.

In My Patriot Supply’s Ration Bars, almonds feature large – providing beneficial nutrition in every snack.


My Patriot Supply Ration Bars feature a delightful coconut flavor treat while maintaining a fortified nutritional profile. The ingredients found in our ration bars are all natural and great sources of protein and healthy fats to help you stay energized throughout the day. Each bar contains delicious whole dried coconut shreds that offer essential vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and powerful antioxidants. Our raw coconut is sourced from Certified Organic farmers that harvest it from fertile soils in harmony with nature.

The health benefits of adding coconut to your diet are numerous. Coconut is an excellent source of dietary fiber and healthy fats, known as medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA). These MCFAs provide valuable energy that can help boost your metabolism while naturally helping to reduce unwanted fat storage in the body. Coconut also contains vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5 and B6 as well as minerals like manganese and iron which help support a balanced diet. Additionally, the antioxidants found in coconuts can help reduce inflammation and provide your body with antimicrobial properties fighting off infections both internally and externally.

Enjoying a My Patriot Supply Ration Bar not only offers you a delicious sweet treat; they also provide the essential nutrients needed to keep your body feeling strong now more than ever.


Flaxseed is a high-fiber seed that is mild tasting and contains Omega 3 fatty acids. It can be eaten as a whole seed or ground up and used as an additive in breads, cereals, yogurt or other food items for increased nutrition.

My Patriot Supply Ration bars use whole flaxseed which adds essential amino acids and vital nutrients to the ration bar diet including polyunsaturated fatty acid gamma linolenic acid (GLA), lignin (a polyphenolic compound) and fiber. Flaxseed provides eight grams of dietary fiber per one-quarter cup serving, making it an incredibly healthy food choice. Flaxseeds are great sources of magnesium, which helps regulate appetite; they are also a good source of potassium, calcium, iron and zinc. Flaxseed supplies dietary B vitamins and antioxidants that offer additional protection against cellular damage; these vitamins and minerals also play a role in promoting bone production throughout the body.

The omega-3 fatty acids found in flaxseeds provide numerous health benefits such as reducing inflammation in the body, improving skin health, improving heart health and aiding digestion. With 7 grams of protein per serving equipment with added vitamins A & D, flaxseed is an attractive nutritional additive to My Patriot Supply Ration bars for extra energy when needed most!

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a great source of healthy fats, fiber, and protein. They are loaded with antioxidants and beneficial plant compounds that have been linked to improved health. Chia seeds have been a part of the human diet for centuries, originally used by the Aztecs and Mayans in South America as an important food source. In addition to containing several essential nutrients, chia seeds are also high in omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce inflammation throughout the body and boost overall health.

My Patriot Supply ration bars contain premium ingredients like chia seeds for their flavorful taste and nutritional benefits. They contain 10g of protein per bar, providing energizing support needed to stay focused throughout the day or during intense activities. Other ingredients like coconut oil, shredded coconut flakes and honey offer added nutrition as well as delicious flavor with every bite! Chia seeds provide many other valuable nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc. Chia seeds are also rich in dietary fiber which helps maintain healthy digestion while lowering cholesterol levels and providing more sustained energy release into the bloodstream through steady glucose absorption over time.


Honey is a nutritious and unrefined sweetener that has been consistently prized for its many health benefi

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