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Long-Lasting Food Supplier: My Patriot Supply Review

Are you a prepper, survivalist or backpacker looking for the ultimate long lasting food supplier? My Patriot Supply has been providing premium quality foods and supplies to help people be prepared in any situation since 2009. With top-notch customer service, safe and reliable packaging options, competitive pricing structure – all backed by their guarantee of superior taste – this company is sure to meet your needs when it comes to stocking up on essential items. In this review we’ll take an in depth look at what makes My Patriot Supply such a great choice for anyone needing dependable long lasting food supplies.

My Patriot Supply

Overview of My Patriot Supply

My Patriot Supply is a prepper and survivalist supply company that provides customers with the necessary tools, supplies, and knowledge to be prepared for any emergency or disaster. They offer an extensive range of products including food storage kits, water filtration systems, medical supplies, shelter items, outdoor gear, and more. My Patriot Supply prides itself on providing quality products at competitive prices while also offering helpful resources such as tips on how to prepare for different scenarios.

What is My Patriot Supply?

My Patriot Supply is a one-stop shop for all your prepping needs. They specialize in providing high-quality survival gear and emergency supplies so you can stay safe during any situation. Their product range includes food storage kits, water filtration systems, medical supplies, shelter items such as tents and sleeping bags, outdoor gear like flashlights and knives as well as many other essential items needed for preparedness.

Why Choose My Patriot Supply?

My Patriot Supply offers top-notch customer service with knowledgeable staff who are always willing to help answer questions about their products or provide advice on preparing for emergencies. Additionally they have competitive pricing compared to other suppliers in the industry which makes them an attractive option when shopping around for prepping essentials. Furthermore they offer helpful resources online such as articles on topics related to prepping so customers can stay informed about current events or learn new skills that may come in handy during times of crisis.

Product Range

My Patriot Supply has an impressive selection of products ranging from basic necessities like food storage containers to advanced equipment like solar generators or tactical backpacks designed specifically for survivalists and backpackers alike. In addition, they carry many specialty items such as heirloom seeds which are perfect if you’re looking to grow your own garden even after a major disaster strikes. No matter what type of item you need, there is sure to be something available at My Patriot Supply that will suit your needs perfectly.

My Patriot Supply is a trusted source for long-lasting food supplies, offering an extensive range of products that are safe and certified. In the next section, we will discuss the quality and safety standards of their products.

Important Takeaway: My Patriot Supply offers a wide selection of prepping supplies at competitive prices with helpful resources and knowledgeable staff to help customers stay prepared. Their product range includes: food storage kits, water filtration systems, medical supplies, shelter items, outdoor gear, heirloom seeds and more.

Quality and Safety of Products

My Patriot Supply is committed to providing the highest quality products that are safe and reliable for their customers. They use only premium ingredients in all of their products, ensuring they meet strict safety standards. All of their ingredients are sourced from reputable suppliers and undergo rigorous testing before being used in any product.

When it comes to certifications and accreditations, My Patriot Supply has earned a number of them including ISO 9001:2015 certification, which ensures that they have an effective quality management system in place. Additionally, they have been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) as well as UL laboratories for food safety standards compliance.

Once these tests are completed successfully, the batch is then approved for sale to customers around the world. My Patriot Supply employs a team of experienced professionals who test each batch of product thoroughly before it leaves the facility. This includes both physical tests such as weight measurements and chemical tests such as pH levels or other contaminants present in the product sample.

My Patriot Supply takes quality and safety seriously, ensuring that all products are of the highest standards. Their rigorous testing and quality assurance processes guarantee customers a safe and reliable product. Now let’s look at their packaging and shipping options.

Packaging and Shipping Options

My Patriot Supply offers a range of packaging and shipping options to ensure that your products arrive safely and on time.

Packaging Options Available: My Patriot Supply provides a variety of packaging solutions, including standard cardboard boxes, insulated coolers, and heavy-duty plastic bags. All packages are designed to protect the contents from damage during transit. For fragile items such as food or medical supplies, extra cushioning may be added for additional protection.

Shipping Policies and Procedures: Orders placed with My Patriot Supply can be shipped via USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Ground services. Depending on the size of the order, customers may also qualify for free shipping within the continental United States. Customers should review their delivery options at checkout before completing their purchase in order to select the most cost-effective option available for their needs.

Delivery times vary depending on location but typically take between 3-7 business days after an order is placed with My Patriot Supply. Customers can track their orders online using a tracking number provided by email once an item has been shipped out from our warehouse facility in Arizona.

My Patriot Supply offers various packaging and shipping options to ensure that your order is delivered quickly and safely. Moving on, let’s take a look at their customer service and support offerings.

Customer Service and Support

My Patriot Supply provides excellent customer service and support for their customers. Their customer service contact details are easily accessible on their website, with a phone number, email address and live chat feature available. They also have helpful resources available online such as FAQs, product guides and instructional videos to help customers get the most out of their products.

The return policy is generous and hassle-free; customers can return any unused items within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange if they are not satisfied with the product. Customers will be responsible for shipping costs when returning an item unless it was damaged upon arrival or defective in some way. My Patriot Supply also offers refunds on any orders that were lost during transit due to carrier error or other unforeseen circumstances beyond their control.

My Patriot Supply also offers a satisfaction guarantee, stating that all products purchased from them must meet the highest standards of quality assurance before being shipped out to customers. If an item does not meet these standards, then customers may request a replacement at no additional cost.

My Patriot Supply provides excellent customer service and support, making it a great choice for those looking to purchase long lasting food supplies. Now let’s take a look at their pricing structure.

Pricing Structure

Pricing Structure is an important factor to consider when choosing a supplier for prepping and survival needs. My Patriot Supply offers competitive prices on their products, making them an attractive option for those looking to stock up on emergency supplies.

Price Comparison with Other Suppliers: When comparing the pricing of My Patriot Supply against other suppliers, it’s clear that they offer some of the best deals in the industry. They have a wide selection of items ranging from freeze-dried food to medical supplies, all at reasonable prices. Furthermore, they often run promotions and discounts which can help customers save even more money on their purchases.

Discounts, Coupons, and Promotions: My Patriot Supply regularly runs promotions such as free shipping or discounted bundles which can help customers save money while stocking up on essential items. Additionally, they also offer coupons which can be used towards future orders as well as loyalty points which can be redeemed for discounts off future purchases.

Customers are able to pay using major credit cards including Visa and Mastercard as well as PayPal or Amazon Pay if preferred. For added convenience there is also the option to pay via check or money order if desired, however this may take longer for processing than other payment methods due to additional verification requirements needed before funds are released into your account balance with My Patriot Supply.

FAQs in Relation to Long Lasting Food Supplier

What is the best long term storage food company?

My Patriot Supply is one of the best long term storage food companies. They offer a wide selection of products that are designed to last for up to 25 years in optimal conditions, with some items even lasting longer. Their products are made from high-quality ingredients and have been tested for taste and nutrition by independent laboratories. My Patriot Supply also offers competitive prices on their products, making them an excellent choice for preppers, survivalists, and backpackers looking to stock up on emergency supplies. Their customer service is also top-notch, providing helpful advice and support to ensure customers are satisfied with their purchases.

What do I need for a 3 month supply of food?

For a 3 month supply of food, you will need to stock up on a variety of non-perishable items such as canned goods, dried fruits and vegetables, grains like rice and oats, beans and legumes, nuts and seeds, shelf-stable milk products like powdered milk or evaporated milk. You should also include some freeze-dried meals for convenience. Additionally, it is important to store enough water for drinking purposes during the three months. Finally, consider adding in some condiments like salt and pepper to add flavor to your meals. With these items, you should have enough food to last for 3 months.

How do you preserve food for 25 years?

Preserving food for 25 years requires careful planning and preparation. The best way to do this is through vacuum sealing, which removes air from the package and creates an oxygen-free environment that prevents spoilage. Additionally, using a combination of freezing, canning, dehydrating, or pickling can help extend the shelf life of food significantly. Lastly, adding preservatives such as salt or sugar can also help preserve food for longer periods of time. All these methods will ensure your food stays safe and edible for up to 25 years if done correctly.

What foods should I stockpile for survival?

When it comes to stocking up on food for survival, the most important items are those that have a long shelf life and can provide essential nutrients. These include canned goods such as beans, vegetables, fruits, soups, and meats; dried foods like rice, grains, nuts and seeds; freeze-dried meals; protein bars; powdered milk; jerky; honey or maple syrup for sweetening dishes. Additionally, it is wise to store some water in case of an emergency. Lastly, don’t forget to stock up on salt and other spices to add flavor to your meals.


In conclusion, My Patriot Supply is a reliable and long lasting food supplier that offers quality products with safety in mind. Their packaging and shipping options are designed to ensure the freshness of their products while providing customers with convenience. They also offer excellent customer service and support for any questions or concerns you may have about their products. Finally, they provide competitive pricing structures that make it easy to find the best value for your money when shopping for survival supplies. With all these features combined, My Patriot Supply is an ideal choice for preppers, survivalists, and backpackers looking for a dependable source of long-lasting food supplies.

My Patriot Supply