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Uncovering the Cheapest Place to Buy Augason Farms: A Prepper’s Guide

Are you looking for the cheapest place to buy Augason Farms products? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Here we will discuss all things related to Augason Farms and how they can help your prepping, survivalist or backpacking needs. We’ll take a look at what types of food storage solutions are offered by Augason Farms, where is the best place to purchase them and also provide tips on preparing and storing these foods properly. So if you’re in need of affordable emergency supplies that won’t break your budget but still offer quality assurance, read on as we explore why buying from My Patriot Supply may be just what you need when it comes time to stock up on auguston farms goods!

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Augason Farms Overview

Augason Farms is a family-owned business that has been providing quality emergency food storage and preparedness products since 1972. Founded by Richard Augason, the company began as a small retail store in Utah and has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of long-term food storage solutions for preppers, survivalists, backpackers, and anyone else who wants to be prepared for any eventuality

History of Augason Farms

Augason Farms was founded in 1972 by Richard Augason after he realized there was an increasing need for reliable emergency food supplies during uncertain times. Since then, the company has grown from its humble beginnings as a small retail store in Utah into one of the most trusted names in long-term food storage solutions. With over 40 years of experience providing high-quality products at competitive prices, Augason Farms continues to be an industry leader when it comes to preparing for emergencies or disasters.

Products Offered by Augason Farms

Augason Farms offers a wide variety of products designed specifically with preppers and survivalists in mind. From freeze dried fruits and vegetables to ready-made meals like chili macaroni or chicken ala king; from grains such as wheat berries or oats; from powdered milk to canned meats; they have everything you need for your emergency pantry or bug out bag. They also offer water filters and purification systems so you can ensure safe drinking water no matter where you are located.

Benefits of Augasons Farm Products

Augason Farms provides a wide range of quality products to meet the needs of preppers, survivalists, and backpackers. With various retailers offering discounts and deals for buying in bulk, it’s easy to find the best place to buy Augason Farms products.

Important Takeaway: Augason Farms offers a wide variety of emergency food storage and preparedness products, from freeze-dried fruits and vegetables to ready-made meals. Their products provide many benefits such as: • High quality at competitive prices • Wide selection for preppers & survivalists • Water filters & purification systems

Where to Buy Augason Farms Products

Augason Farms products are widely available from a variety of retailers, both online and in-store. Online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target offer a wide selection of Augason Farms items at competitive prices. Additionally, many local stores and markets carry Augason Farms products as well. Buying in bulk is an excellent way to save money on Augason Farms items; most online retailers offer discounts for larger orders or free shipping when you spend over a certain amount. Local stores may also have special deals or promotions that can help you save even more money on your purchase.

When shopping for Augason Farm products online, it’s important to compare prices between different websites to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Look out for sales and special offers like buy one get one free or discounted bundles that could save you even more money than buying individual items separately. Additionally, some sites may offer coupons or promo codes that can be used towards your purchase – so don’t forget to check those out too.

For those looking to shop locally for their Augason Farm supplies, there are plenty of options available too. Many grocery stores stock a range of these products including canned goods like beans and vegetables as well as dry mixes like pancake batter and soup mixers. Specialty health food stores often carry organic versions of these same items which might be worth checking out if they fit into your budget better than conventional varieties do. Don’t forget about farmer’s markets either – they’re great places to find fresh produce grown by local farmers who use sustainable practices. Finally, discount warehouse clubs like Costco often have large selections of bulk foods at lower prices than other retail outlets so keep an eye out there too.

No matter where you choose to shop for your Augason Farm supplies – whether it’s online or in-person – remember that comparison shopping is key when trying to find the best deals on these types of items. With just a bit of research beforehand and some patience, you should be able to find exactly what you need at the lowest price possible, saving yourself time and money in the process.

With the right research and shopping around, you can find the best deals on Augason Farms products. Now let’s look at how to get the cheapest prices when buying these items.

Important Takeaway: Key takeaway: Comparison shopping is key when looking for the best deals on Augason Farms products. Look online at retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target or in-store at local stores and markets. Check out sales and promotions, couponspromo codes, bulk orders and warehouse clubs to save even more money.

Cheapest Place to Buy Augason Farms Products

Comparison Shopping for the Best Prices: Finding the cheapest place to buy Augason Farms products requires a bit of research. You can start by comparing prices from online retailers, local stores and markets, and discount warehouses. Be sure to check out any special promotions or coupons that may be available as well.

Tips for Finding the Lowest Prices on Augason Farms Products: To get the best deals on Augason Farms products, it pays to shop around. Look for sales and discounts at your favorite stores or websites, sign up for newsletters so you’ll know when new items are added to their inventory, and take advantage of bulk purchasing options whenever possible.

Keep an eye out for special promotions or coupons that could help you save even more money when buying Augason Farm products. Many retailers offer exclusive discounts during certain times of year such as holidays or back-to-school season, so make sure you take advantage of these offers whenever they come up.

Preparing and Storing Augason Farms Foods

Storing food for long-term preservation is a key part of any prepper’s plan. Augason Farms provides an array of products that can help you do just that. When it comes to storing these items, there are certain containers and methods you should use to ensure your food stays fresh and safe for consumption.

Recommended Storage Containers and Methods for Long Term Preservation of Food Items: The best way to store Augason Farm foods is in airtight containers such as Mylar bags or glass jars with rubber seals. These will keep out moisture, pests, and oxygen which can cause spoilage over time. You may also want to consider using vacuum sealers or desiccants like silica gel packets to further protect your food from the elements. Additionally, make sure all containers are labeled clearly so you know what’s inside them at a glance.

How To Prepare Meals With Augason Farm Foods: Preparing meals with Augason Farms products is easy. Simply follow the instructions on the package when cooking up your favorite dishes – most require only minimal preparation before they’re ready to eat. If you need some inspiration, check out their website for recipes featuring their ingredients such as chili macaroni casserole or hearty beef stew.

If you’re looking for more creative ways to use Augason Farms ingredients in your meals then look no further than their website where they have plenty of delicious recipes available. From breakfast burritos made with scrambled eggs and bacon bits to cheesy broccoli soup, there’s something here everyone will love. And don’t forget about dessert either – try making apple crisp using dried apples from their selection of fruits & vegetables.

Important Takeaway: When storing Augason Farms foods for long-term preservation, use airtight containers such as Mylar bags or glass jars with rubber seals and consider using vacuum sealers or desiccants like silica gel packets. Preparing meals is easy – just follow the instructions on the package or check out their website for recipes.


Augason Farms is a trusted name in the prepping and survivalist community. Their products are of high quality, long-lasting, and provide peace of mind to those looking for reliable emergency food storage solutions. Augason Farms offers a wide variety of items including freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, proteins, baking mixes, breakfast cereals and more. The company also provides recipes that can be used with their products to create delicious meals even during times of crisis or disaster.

When it comes to finding the cheapest place to buy Augason Farms products there are several options available. Online retailers often offer discounts when buying in bulk as well as special promotions such as free shipping or coupons for additional savings on orders over a certain amount. Local stores may also carry Augason Farm items at discounted prices if they have them in stock so it’s worth checking out local markets before making an online purchase.

Preparing and storing Augason Farms foods properly is essential for ensuring maximum shelf life and optimal taste when using them later on down the road. It’s important to store all food items in airtight containers away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures which could cause spoilage or loss of flavor over time. Additionally, many recipes exist that make use of these ingredients so you can get creative with your meal planning while still enjoying tasty dishes made from high quality ingredients provided by Augason Farms.

In conclusion, buying from Augason Farms has numerous advantages such as high quality ingredients that last longer than other brands due to proper packaging methods along with cost savings through discounts offered when purchasing in bulk online or locally at stores near you. With careful preparation and storage techniques, you can ensure your family will enjoy delicious meals made with these nutritious ingredients even during times of crisis.

Important Takeaway: Augason Farms provides high quality, long-lasting ingredients with discounts available when buying in bulk online or locally. Proper storage and preparation of these items is essential to maintain shelf life and flavor.

FAQs in Relation to Cheapest Place to Buy Augason Farms

What is the cheapest freeze-dried food?

My Patriot Supply offers some of the most affordable freeze-dried food on the market. Their selection includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options that are all shelf stable for up to 25 years. All of their products are made with premium ingredients and come in a variety of sizes and flavors. They also offer discounts when you buy in bulk, making it an even more cost effective option for preppers, survivalists or backpackers looking to stock up on long term emergency food supplies.

Where are Augason Farms products made?

Augason Farms products are made in the United States. All of their ingredients and materials are sourced from within the country, ensuring quality control and freshness. Their production facilities use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that each product meets their high standards for taste, nutrition, and safety. They also adhere to strict food safety protocols during all stages of production. With a commitment to providing only the best products possible, Augason Farms is proud to offer preppers, survivalists, backpackers and others with an extensive selection of long term storage foods they can trust.

What is the best brand of emergency food?

My Patriot Supply is one of the leading brands in emergency food. Their products are made with high-quality ingredients and provide a great balance of nutrition, taste, and convenience. They offer a wide variety of meal options that can be stored for up to 25 years without losing their nutritional value or flavor. Additionally, My Patriot Supply offers an excellent customer service team that is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about their products. With all these features combined, it’s no wonder why My Patriot Supply is considered one of the best brands for emergency food on the market today.

Who owns Augason Farms?

Augason Farms is a family-owned business based in Utah that has been providing emergency food storage and preparedness products since 1972. They are one of the leading suppliers of long-term food storage solutions, freeze dried foods, and water filtration systems for preppers, survivalists, backpackers, campers and more. Augason Farms is owned by the Augason family who have dedicated their lives to helping people prepare for any type of disaster or emergency situation. Their products are designed to provide families with peace of mind knowing they will be safe no matter what happens.


In conclusion, Augason Farms is a great choice for preppers, survivalists and backpackers looking to stock up on long-term food storage. Their products are of high quality and provide an excellent source of nutrition in emergency situations. When it comes to finding the cheapest place to buy Augason Farms products, My Patriot Supply offers some of the best prices available online. With their wide selection of items and easy ordering process, you can be sure that you’ll get exactly what you need at a price that won’t break your budget. So if you’re looking for the cheapest place to buy Augason Farms products, look no further than My Patriot Supply!

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