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Catered buffet Mississauga

Catered buffet Mississauga

There are several conditions to consider when deciding whether to offer your guests a sit-down meal or a buffet. The presentation of the meal surpasses the personal preference of both the host and event planner. Other factors include the formality of the event and the price range of the food. You could end up with a less-than-stellar review if you a format that does not match all angles of the event. 

Catering makes up 30-35 percent of the total budget. You would want to ensure that the caterer knows how to match the budget perfectly. This case may vary if the event will only last a couple of hours; hence the main serving could be light snacks. Here is a break-down of why a catered buffet is the best serving option. 

What is buffet catering?

  • This is a service that has all the food in one location
  • A table or queue of guests take turns to walk the buffet line and serve their preferred meals among an array or meals
  • Some buffet settings include more than the station of foods
  • The settings are in a public area
  • The arrangement of foods ranges from appetizers to desserts
  • Formal events tend to have assisted buffet styles
  • Unassisted buffet styles are suitable for casual events 

Catered buffet

Some situations require a buffet to match the setting of the event. This case may be if you wish to offer different servings of proteins of diet plans. A planner can separate different types of meat, such as meat, chicken, and beef or vegetarian and other meal plans.

Guests can match their dinner choices to their tastes and appetites. Buffets work best with a reception that has standing or dinner by the bit events. It could be a secondary serving in other festivities. Here is a list of events that will usually have catered buffets:

  • Pre-game functions
  • Luncheons
  • Parties

The bottom line is that the serving style should be around events that do not require extreme consistency or timeliness.

Benefits of choosing a catered buffet in Mississauga

  • Planners can have riskier plans when selecting menus. This case is because guests have more time to make selections.
  • The caterer can include less waiting staff; hence you could spend less in payments
  • You get to offer flexibility to guests with special dietary restrictions
  • Guests can take several servings
  • Guests control the size of the portion for each round of serving 

How to evaluate the effectiveness of catered buffets

You will spend less money paying the servers waiting in line than you will be paying servers who cater to plated styles. You may, however, pay more in the amount of food or cutlery used for the event. Another consideration is that you require a larger space for the buffet setting – guests have to stand and queue for all variations of foods.

Parlato’s Catering will make sure you have timely and adequate refills for every meal and drink. We follow the correct food practices and will include processes such as refrigeration for the catered buffer in Mississauga.



Catered buffet Mississauga

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Catered buffet Mississauga

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