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Breckenridge Horseback Riding

Article provided by: Rusty Spurr Ranch

If you’re planning a visit to Summit County, Colorado, there are several activities you don’t want to miss. Breckenridge horseback riding is one such activity, and it’s an experience you and your family and friends will remember for many years to come. Rusty Spurr Ranch is located close to the Breckenridge area on 2,000 acres of beautiful, natural Colorado land. This is a true riding environment, a profound opportunity to explore and enjoy the natural wonder Colorado has to offer. Take your time and enjoy the scenery; this is a big part of what our state is all about, and Breckenridge is renowned for its beautiful mountains, forest, and meadows. All of this is yours to experience and explore.

We take our horses very seriously and work hard to provide them the best living environment possible. We don’t keep our horses confined to dusty corrals or mucky stalls. Instead, we allow them to run free in huge pastures where they can eat wild grasses—which tend to be higher in protein content than many cultivated options—and rest in the shade of aspen groves. This keeps our horses happy, healthy, and ready to provide the best horseback riding experience for our visitors. There are many ways to experience nature, but we prefer to see it on horseback, the many of the early pioneers and settlers in the area saw it. There’s something inspiring and authentic about Breckenridge horseback riding, and we hope you’ll join us for a trail ride!

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Breckenridge Horseback Riding

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