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Be Prepared with Augason Farms: Emergency Food Storage Solutions

When it comes to prepping for emergencies, you want the best of the best. Augason Farms has been around since 1972 and is one of the leading providers in emergency food storage solutions. Whether you’re a prepper, survivalist or backpacker – Augason Farms has something that can help ensure your safety when disaster strikes. From their wide selection of long-term storage options to their commitment to quality and cost-effectiveness – we’ll explore why Augason Farms should be your go-to choice for preparing yourself and family during an emergency situation. Let’s dive into what makes this brand stand out from other suppliers!

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Overview of Augason Farms

Augason Farms is a family-owned business that has been providing emergency food storage solutions since 1972. Founded by brothers Paul and Don Augason, the company was created to help people prepare for any kind of disaster or emergency situation. They offer an extensive selection of long-term food storage products, including freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, grains, beans, meats, dairy products, soups and stews. All their products are designed to provide maximum nutrition while maintaining a shelf life of up to 25 years when stored properly.

History of Augason Farms

Augason Farms began in 1972 with two brothers who wanted to make sure families were prepared for anything that might come their way. With decades of experience in the industry they have become one of the most trusted names in emergency food storage solutions. Their commitment to quality and safety has earned them certifications from organizations such as NSF International and USDA Organic Certification Program which guarantee that all their products meet strict standards for safety and nutrition.

Products Offered by Augason Farms

Augason Farms offers a wide variety of long-term food storage solutions ranging from individual meals like breakfast skillets or macaroni & cheese dinners to complete meal kits containing everything you need for up to 30 days worth of meals. In addition they also offer specialty items such as gluten free options or special diets like vegetarian/vegan friendly foods so everyone can find something suitable no matter what dietary restrictions they may have.

Benefits Of Augason Farms Products

The benefits offered by Augason Farm’s long term food storage solutions are numerous; firstly, it ensures that you will always have access to nutritious meals even if other sources become unavailable due to natural disasters or economic downturns. Secondly, it allows you to save money on groceries since many items can be purchased at bulk prices. Thirdly, it provides peace of mind knowing your family will never go hungry no matter what happens. Finally, it reduces waste since there is no need for packaging materials which would otherwise end up in landfills after being used once only.

Important Takeaway: Augason Farms provides quality and safety-certified emergency food storage solutions with a shelf life of up to 25 years. Their products offer numerous benefits, including: – Nutritious meals in any situation – Bulk purchasing options for savings – Peace of mind knowing your family won’t go hungry – Reduced waste due to no packaging materials.

Emergency Food Storage Solutions from Augason Farms

Augason Farms offers a variety of emergency food storage solutions to meet the needs of preppers, survivalists, and backpackers. From long-term to short-term options, Augason Farms has something for everyone.

Long-Term Food Storage Solutions: For those looking for long-term food storage solutions, Augason Farms offers several options. These include freeze dried meals that can last up to 25 years in an unopened package and up to one year after opening. They also offer dehydrated fruits and vegetables with a shelf life of 10+ years when stored properly. Additionally, they have canned meats that can last up to 10 years on the shelf before needing to be consumed or rotated out of your stockpile.

If you’re looking for shorter term food storage solutions, Augason Farms also has you covered. Their selection includes ready-made meals such as macaroni & cheese or chili that are designed to be eaten within 6 months from purchase date if stored properly in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. They also offer meal kits which provide all the ingredients needed for easy meal preparation without having to buy each item separately at the store – these kits usually come with enough servings for 4 people and should be used within 3 months from purchase date if stored correctly according to their instructions on packaging labels.

In addition to their regular offerings, Augason Farms also provides specialty items such as gluten free products or vegan friendly options like veggie burgers made with soy protein isolate instead of beef patties. These products typically have a shorter shelf life than other items but still provide great tasting nutrition when needed most during emergencies.

Important Takeaway: Augason Farms offers a variety of emergency food storage solutions, ranging from long-term (up to 25 years) to short-term options. Their selection includes ready-made meals, meal kits, canned meats, freeze dried foods and specialty items like gluten free or vegan friendly products.

Preparing for Emergencies with Augason Farms Products

Prepping Tips and Strategies: Prepping for an emergency is a process that requires careful planning. Start by assessing your current situation and determining what supplies you need to be prepared. Make sure to include Augason Farms products in your prepping plan, as they offer long-term food storage solutions, short-term food storage solutions, and specialty food storage solutions. Additionally, consider creating an emergency kit with essential items such as first aid supplies, water purification tablets, flashlights, batteries etc., so you’re ready for any situation.

When preparing for emergencies it is important to have the right supplies on hand. Augason Farms offers a variety of products designed specifically for emergency situations, including freeze dried foods such as fruits and vegetables which can last up to 25 years when stored properly; grains like wheat berries or oats which are great sources of energy; proteins like beef or chicken which provide essential nutrients; and other essentials such as sugar or honey that can be used in baking recipes or added to drinks during times of stress.

Knowing how to use Augason Farms products in an emergency situation is key when prepping for disaster scenarios. Many of their products come with easy-to-follow instructions on how best to prepare them during an emergency; just add boiling water. Other options include adding the ingredients directly into meals, such as soups, or using them as part of a survival ration pack if needed. Additionally, many Augason Farm items are packaged with oxygen absorbers which help preserve their freshness even after opening the package, making them ideal for long term storage needs too.

Important Takeaway: Augason Farms products are ideal for emergency prepping as they offer long-term and short-term food storage solutions, plus essential items such as first aid supplies, water purification tablets, flashlights and batteries. They also provide easy-to-follow instructions on how best to prepare their products during an emergency.

Quality and Safety of Augason Farms Products

Augason Farms is committed to providing the highest quality and safest products for their customers. All of their ingredients are carefully sourced from trusted suppliers, and all products are tested to ensure they meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

Ingredients Used in Augason Farms Products: Augason Farms uses only natural ingredients in their products, such as non-GMO grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices and seasonings. They also use no artificial flavors or colors in any of their food items. All ingredients used by Augason Farms are free from harmful chemicals or preservatives that could potentially be dangerous to consume.

Shelf Life and Expiration Dates of Augason Farms Products: The shelf life of each product varies depending on the type of item being purchased; however most items have a shelf life between 5-25 years when stored properly at room temperature away from direct sunlight or moisture sources. Additionally, all expiration dates are clearly marked on each package so you know exactly how long your food will last before it needs to be replaced.

In addition to using only high-quality ingredients in their products, Augason Farms has also achieved several certifications including Non-GMO Project Verified certification for some of its foods as well as USDA Organic certification for select organic items like honey powder and freeze dried fruits & vegetables. Furthermore, they have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction through reliable service practices.

Overall, when shopping with Augaman farms you can rest assured knowing that you are getting safe and nutritious food options that will help keep your family prepared during emergencies while still meeting your budget requirements.

Important Takeaway: Augason Farms provides safe and nutritious food options that are Non-GMO Project Verified, USDA Organic certified, and have a shelf life of 5-25 years. They also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Cost-Effective Shopping with Augason Farms

Shopping at Augason Farms can be a cost-effective way to stock up on emergency food supplies. The company offers discounts and deals on bulk orders, as well as money-saving tips for shopping in their store. Additionally, they have rewards programs that allow customers to save even more when purchasing from them.

Discounts and Deals on Bulk Orders from Augason Farms: When you purchase multiple items or larger quantities of products from Augason Farms, you may qualify for discounts or special deals. These include multi-item bundles with discounted prices and free shipping offers when ordering certain amounts of product. You can also find coupons online that will help you save even more money when buying in bulk from the company.

Money-Saving Tips for Shopping at Augason Farms: There are several ways to save money while shopping at Augason Farms, such as signing up for their email list which provides exclusive discounts and promotions directly to your inbox. Additionally, they offer free shipping on orders over $99 within the United States so it’s best to buy enough items at once to take advantage of this deal if possible. Finally, they often run sales during holidays like Memorial Day or Fourth of July where customers can get additional savings off select products throughout the store.

Customers who shop frequently with Augason Farms may want to consider joining their rewards program which allows members to earn points every time they make a purchase with the company. These points can then be redeemed for future purchases or other benefits such as exclusive access to new products before anyone else gets them. The program is completely free and has an easy signup process, so it is definitely worth considering if you plan on making regular purchases from the company in order to maximize your savings potential over time.

Important Takeaway: Augason Farms offers discounts and deals on bulk orders, money-saving tips for shopping in their store, as well as a rewards program to save even more: • Bulk order discounts & special deals • Money-saving tips • Rewards program

FAQs in Relation to Augason Farms

Is Augason Farms made in USA?

Yes, Augason Farms products are made in the USA. The company is based out of Utah and has been providing high-quality food storage solutions since 1972. All of their products are proudly manufactured in the United States using only premium ingredients sourced from local farms and suppliers. Their commitment to quality control ensures that all of their products meet or exceed industry standards for safety and nutrition.

Who owns Augason Farms?

Augason Farms is owned by the Bergin family, who have been in the food storage and emergency preparedness business since 1972. They specialize in providing high-quality products to those looking for long-term food storage solutions. Their product line includes freeze dried fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, dairy products, baking ingredients and more. The company also offers a variety of emergency kits that are designed to provide enough nutrition for up to one year per person. Augason Farms is dedicated to helping people prepare for any situation with their reliable products and excellent customer service.

Who has the best emergency food kits?

My Patriot Supply offers some of the best emergency food kits on the market. Their products are designed with preppers, survivalists, and backpackers in mind. They offer a variety of meal options that are packed with nutrition and taste great. All their meals have a long shelf life so you can be sure they will last for years to come. Additionally, My Patriot Supply provides excellent customer service and fast shipping times so you can get your supplies quickly when needed. With all these features combined, it’s no wonder why My Patriot Supply is one of the top providers of emergency food kits today.

What is the shelf life of Augason Farms?

The shelf life of Augason Farms products varies depending on the specific product. Generally, their dry goods have a shelf life of up to 25 years when stored in a cool, dry place. Their freeze-dried and dehydrated food items can last up to 30 years if properly sealed and stored away from moisture and extreme temperatures. It is important to check the individual product packaging for specific storage instructions as well as expiration dates.


In conclusion, Augason Farms is a great choice for preppers and survivalists looking to stock up on emergency food storage solutions. Their products are of high quality and safety standards, making them reliable in the event of an emergency. They also offer cost-effective shopping options so you can get the most bang for your buck. With Augason Farms, you can rest assured that you have all the necessary supplies to prepare for any situation.

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