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The Ultimate 3 Month Food Kit for Preppers and Survivalists

Are you a prepper, survivalist or backpacker looking for the perfect 3 month food kit? Look no further than My Patriot Supply! This three-month food supply is designed to provide everything needed to keep your family fed during an emergency. But what does it taste like and how easy is it to prepare? In this review of the My Patriot Supply 3 Month Food Kit, we’ll cover all that and more so you can decide if this product is right for you. We’ll discuss its quality, taste, ease of preparation as well as pros and cons before giving our final thoughts on the subject. So let’s dive in – are you ready?

My Patriot Supply

Overview of My Patriot Supply 3 Month Food Kit

My Patriot Supply 3 Month Food Kit is a great way to ensure you have enough food for an emergency situation. The kit includes three months’ worth of freeze-dried and dehydrated meals, with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks all included. Each meal has been carefully designed to provide maximum nutrition in minimal space and weight. All the meals are easy to prepare with just boiling water or adding hot water directly into the pouch.

What is Included in the Kit?

The My Patriot Supply 3 Month Food Kit contains 180 servings of entrees such as chili macaroni, creamy pasta rotini, stroganoff sauce with beef chunks and cheesy broccoli rice casserole; 30 servings each of breakfasts like apple cinnamon cereal and blueberry granola crunch; 24 servings each of soups like hearty vegetable soup mix; 12 servings each of sides such as mashed potatoes; 9 servings each of snacks like strawberry cream oatmeal bars; 6 pouches containing 72 total drink mixes including lemonade flavor electrolyte replacement drink mix packets; plus 4 bonus items: honey powder (1 oz.), brown sugar (2 oz.), butter powder (4 oz.) and whey milk alternative (8oz.).

Benefits of the Kit:

This kit provides peace-of-mind knowing that you will have enough food stored away should an emergency arise. It also saves time since all the meals can be prepared quickly without having to worry about shopping for ingredients or cooking complicated recipes from scratch. Additionally, it helps save money since it costs less than buying individual items separately at a grocery store. Plus it’s lightweight so it won’t take up too much room in your pantry or storage area if needed later on down the road.

Cost & Shipping Information:

The My Patriot Supply 3 Month Food Kit retails for $249 plus shipping fees, which vary depending on location but generally range between $20-$30 within continental US states only. Delivery times may vary based on availability, but typically arrive within 5-7 business days after ordering.

Important Takeaway: My Patriot Supply 3 Month Food Kit provides peace-of-mind, time and money savings with 180 servings of freeze-dried meals, snacks and drinks. Cost is $249 plus shipping fees, typically arriving within 5-7 business days.

Taste and Quality of My Patriot Supply 3 Month Food Kit

The My Patriot Supply 3 Month Food Kit offers a variety of meals to choose from, making it easy for preppers, survivalists and backpackers to find something that fits their needs. The kit includes breakfast items such as oatmeal and pancakes, lunch options like macaroni and cheese or chili mac, and dinner entrees like beef stroganoff or chicken alfredo. Each meal is designed to provide the necessary nutrition needed in an emergency situation.

When it comes to nutritional value, the meals provided by My Patriot Supply are high quality with no added preservatives or fillers. All of the ingredients used are non-GMO certified organic products that have been carefully selected for maximum nutrient content. The food also contains vitamins A, C & E along with essential minerals such as iron and calcium which help maintain energy levels during times of stress.

My Patriot Supply’s 3 Month Food Kit has a shelf life of up to 25 years when stored properly in cool dry conditions away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. For optimal storage conditions, it is recommended that you keep your food in airtight containers at room temperature between 55°F – 70°F (12°C – 21°C). This will ensure that your food remains fresh until you need it most.

Preparing and Cooking with My Patriot Supply 3 Month Food Kit

The kit includes a variety of dehydrated and freeze-dried foods that are easy to store and can be cooked using various methods.

Types of Cooking Methods Used: The food items included in the kit can be cooked using traditional cooking methods such as boiling, baking, or frying. Additionally, they can also be prepared by simply adding hot water for quick rehydration. This makes it easy for those on the go who may not have access to a stove or oven.

Tips for Preparing Meals Quickly and Easily: To make meal preparation easier and faster when using this kit, it’s best to plan ahead by organizing all ingredients needed before beginning any recipe. Prepping ingredients beforehand will save time during the actual cooking process. It’s also important to follow instructions carefully when preparing meals from this kit as some items require specific steps such as soaking before being used in recipes.

Recommended Recipes to Try Out: There are many delicious recipes that can be made with this food kit including chili macaroni casserole, cheesy potato soup mix bake, creamy vegetable stew mix skillet dinner, teriyaki chicken fried rice bowl mix dinner and more. All these recipes are simple enough even for beginners yet flavorful enough even experienced cooks will enjoy them.

Overall, My Patriot Supply 3 Month Food Kit provides preppers with an easy way to cook nutritious meals without having access to traditional kitchen appliances or utensils while out camping or during emergency situations such as natural disasters or power outages.

Important Takeaway: My Patriot Supply 3 Month Food Kit provides preppers with an easy way to cook nutritious meals without traditional kitchen appliances or utensils: • Plan ahead and prep ingredients beforehand • Follow instructions carefully when preparing recipes • Enjoy delicious recipes such as chili macaroni casserole, cheesy potato soup mix bake, creamy vegetable stew mix skillet dinner, teriyaki chicken fried rice bowl mix dinner and more.

Pros and Cons of My Patriot Supply 3 Month Food Kit

While there are many advantages to this kit, it’s important to understand the pros and cons before making your purchase.

Advantages of the Kit: The My Patriot Supply 3 Month Food Kit offers convenience and affordability when stocking up on long-term food supplies. All meals come in easy-to-store pouches that can be stored for years without losing flavor or nutritional value. Additionally, all meals are ready to eat with no additional preparation required – just add water. Plus, you get variety with over 30 different meal options included in each kit.

One downside of the My Patriot Supply 3 Month Food Kit is that it does not include any fresh ingredients like fruits or vegetables. Additionally, while there is some variety in terms of flavors offered, overall there may not be enough variety for those who prefer more adventurous meal choices. Finally, some customers have reported issues with packaging quality leading to leaks or spoilage during shipping which could result in lost product if not addressed promptly by customer service representatives at My Patriot Supply.

Final Thoughts on My Patriot Supply 3 Month Food Kit

This kit provides a variety of meals that are easy to prepare and store. The meals offer good nutritional value with a long shelf life and can be cooked using various methods.

Summary of Benefits: The My Patriot Supply 3 Month Food Kit offers many benefits including convenience, affordability, and quality. It comes with all the necessary ingredients to make delicious meals in minutes without any extra effort or time needed to shop for groceries. Plus, the cost is reasonable compared to other emergency food kits on the market today. Additionally, each meal is made from high-quality ingredients that provide essential nutrients while tasting great too.

For those who want an easy-to-use emergency food supply solution that doesn’t require much preparation or cooking time but still tastes great and provides good nutrition, then this kit should definitely be considered as it meets all these criteria perfectly. Plus, it has a long shelf life so you don’t have to worry about your supplies expiring before you need them most.

FAQs in Relation to 3 Month Food Kit

What do I need for a 3 month supply of food?

A 3 month supply of food should include a variety of non-perishable items that are high in calories and nutrition. These can include canned fruits, vegetables, beans, soups, meats, fish, grains (such as rice or oats), nuts and seeds. It is also important to have some form of cooking oil such as olive or coconut oil for preparing meals. Additionally it is wise to stock up on salt and spices for flavor. Finally make sure you have plenty of water stored away in case the tap runs dry.

How many people does a 3 month survival kit feed?

The 3 Month Survival Kit from My Patriot Supply is designed to provide enough food for one person for three months. The kit contains a variety of freeze-dried and dehydrated meals, snacks, fruits, vegetables, grains and other items that can be used to make up a complete diet. Each meal provides approximately 1,200 calories per day which adds up to 36,000 calories over the course of three months. This should provide sufficient nutrition for an individual during this time period.

Is food 4patriots legitimate?

Yes, Food 4Patriots is a legitimate company. They are committed to providing high-quality emergency food supplies and survival gear for preppers, survivalists, and backpackers. Their products are made in the USA with non-GMO ingredients and have a 25 year shelf life. All of their meals are designed to provide maximum nutrition in an easy-to-prepare package that can be stored almost anywhere. With top notch customer service and satisfaction guarantees on all of their products, Food 4Patriots is a reliable source for long term emergency preparedness needs.

How much food do you need to survive for a month?

The amount of food you need to survive for a month depends on your individual needs and lifestyle. Generally, it is recommended that adults consume 2,000-2,500 calories per day. To meet this requirement over the course of a month, you would need 60-75 pounds of food. This includes grains such as rice or oats; proteins like beans or nuts; fruits and vegetables; dairy products like milk or cheese; and fats like butter or oil. It is important to have variety in your diet so that all essential nutrients are met. Additionally, having access to clean water is also essential for survival.


In conclusion, the My Patriot Supply 3 Month Food Kit is a great option for preppers, survivalists and backpackers who want to be prepared in case of an emergency. The food kit offers a variety of tasty meals that are easy to prepare and cook with minimal effort. Although there are some cons such as limited shelf life and high sodium content, overall it provides quality nutrition at an affordable price. With its convenience and reliability, this 3 month food kit from My Patriot Supply is sure to keep you well-fed during any situation.

My Patriot Supply